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One of the many challenges facing companies today is the ability to keep their employees motivated at work.  The balance between work and home is a large part of an employee’s struggle.  Most companies strive to create a healthy work environment and employee benefit plans that assist their staff in managing these challenges.

Carrara Concierge works with businesses to help structure an employee benefit program that will allow employees to feel valued and at ease with the hours they put into their jobs.  We do this by taking care of the many miscellaneous responsibilities in their lifestyles that limit their focus in their work environment.

Concierge programs are becoming popular for companies of all sizes.  The variety of services provided within a concierge program appeal to all socioeconomic, gender, and ages of employees.  Over the years, more and more research has been done assessing the value and return on investment of concierge programs.  Based on the latest research, the impact of these programs is tremendous. 

The following concierge statistics will give you an idea of how these programs can positively impact your workforce.

  • 68% of respondents stated that the concierge service has enabled them to be more productive at work.
  • On average, the concierge program has saved employees up to 10 hours of personal time
  • 64% responded that the program has made them more loyal to their employe
    Statistics Provided By:  WFC Resources: Based on Leverage Life’s April 2007 Concierge Survey Results
  • 75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while on the job
    Statistics Provided By:  Hewitt Associates
  • 92% of employees admitted to taking personal or sick days just to get errands done

    Statistics Provided By: 
    Overworked American by: Juliet Schor

When the goal of a company is to improve employee morale, retain employee positions, and entice new employees, then concierge packages are the solution.  Services can be provided in different ways.  It can be offered as a part of the benefit package, as a reward or as an incentive for individual performance.

Employers understand better than anyone, the benefit of effective time management.  Providing concierge services to your employees will ensure rewards in multiple ways.  Production will increase, morale will increase, and you will ultimately have employees that will feel valued and return that to you in their loyalty and dedication to their employment.

Be among the top companies to work for by taking care of the team that ultimately ensures your success.

Cararra Concierge

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